We all know that good coworking spaces need to have comfy chairs, good snacks, and even better wifi. But what about other perks outside of the norm? Check out the unique amenities Inventive Studios offers to its members.

Standing Desks

All of our dedicated desk members get to enjoy our motorized standing desks. Did you know that standing desks may lower blood sugar, lower your risk of heart disease , reduce back pain and improve your mood? Some may call us heroes since we’re pretty much saving lives over here.

Onsite Notary

We’ve all been through the hassle of having to get something notarized….which you have forgotten about until the last possible minute. Instead of rushing around to find a place close by, and convincing a friend to come along as a witness, all you have to do at Inventive Studios is ask 1 of our notaries to bust out their sacred notary book. We have 2, so we have you covered.


Up for a game of foosball? We’ve got it. There are plenty of studies that demonstrate the positive effect play can have in the workplace in terms of productivity, motivation and creativity. Take a break, rest your eyes and challenge other coworkers to a game.

Photo Booth

Our photo booth is a great way to get our guests and members engaged and serves as an icebreaker. Photo booths are so fun and it is a great source of entertainment for all our members when they are feeling silly or creative.

Access to our engineering team 

Inventive Studios is part of the Inventive Group which is a custom software consultancy. We help growing businesses and startups with mobile app dev, custom software engineering, cloud migrations and implementations and also offer incubator services. Feel free to schedule time with one of our architects to bounce ideas around for a new product or service.


Inventive Studios is in a HUBZone. If your startup qualifies, you can take advantage of our HUBZone status as we can be listed as your physical location and receive your mail.

Recording Studio

All of our members get access to our recording studio and green room. Record your podcast or youtube content with state of the art equipment, all included in your membership dues. 


Co-working brings something special that the traditional workplace simply cannot. From community building to the atmosphere, Inventive Studios offers perks that make co-working fun. If these amenities sound like something you are looking for in a co-working space, visit Inventive Studios for a quick round of foosball or some conversation and coffee.