Whether you are a freelancer, remote worker, or digital nomad, coworking is on track to becoming the future of work spaces. But the best coworking spaces often have little to do with what kind of desk you are at, but rather the community that surrounds it. Here at Inventive Studios, our priority is the people and how we can create a welcoming community within our Austin office. By prioritizing engagement with all members, we are able to gain that essential trust which ultimately creates an authentic connection between all of our members.

 Here are some resources and events that facilitate community at Inventive Studios.

Taco Tuesday:

Because who doesn’t love a good taco? Inventive Studios takes great pride in our biweekly Tuesday tradition. It allows for conversations to flow, while the salsa is poured. Something so simple can make a big impact on an office environment. It may be a small token of appreciation, but it is yummy!

Thirsty Thursdays:

Being based in Austin, we are fortunate to be surrounded by hundreds of happy hours no matter the day. Using this to our advantage, Inventive Studios hosts Thirsty Thursday to network, make connections, and let loose not only with our community, but with the ones that sit next to us on a day to day basis. Conversations are lighter and individuals are able to get to know one another on a deeper level in a different and fun environment.

Fur Fridays:

Although the office dogs can’t code or program, dogs fill an important role in the office’s morale. By allowing our members to bring in their pals of all colors, shapes, and sizes, at their side, it brings a sense of community to the members and reduces stress. Along with these positive factors, dogs act as an ice breaker and allow for bonds to be created with clients and coworkers.

Schedule Social Events:

Coworking communities that can have fun together, will be more productive together. Fun community building events, such as bowling, darts competition, or karaoke can create office buzz and as well as start up some fun conversations. At Inventive we like to have meetups, play darts and foosball, and host regular team lunches. After these events, it is important to get feedback on what members want more and less of.

Inventive Studios partners with our startup members by allowing them access to our in-house software engineering team. We keep our doors open to host popular local user groups like the Agile Austin Lean/Kanban SIG along with CTO roundtables.

Involve Members in Decision Making:

Day to day management decisions often affect the members within coworking spaces. At Inventive Studios, we value the involvement of members because we want them to feel both heard and seen. For example; asking for feedback from simple questions such as, “What type of coffee do you prefer? What kind of hand soap do you like for the bathroom? Or even “What event do you want to see next? By asking questions such as these, it makes members feel connected with management and allows for members to be encouraged and inspired.