First Responders in Tech

We are passionate about helping our first responders increase their technical knowledge so that they can better support their department’s technology needs or give them a chance at a new career.

First Responders Scholarship Program

At Inventive, we believe in helping people that help our community.  First responders definitely fit in that category! We want to help first responders by contributing to their technology education so that they can turn around and help their departments.  Or, for folks that have contributed as a first responder while figuring out what their next career steps are, we would like to educate those people into the next steps of their career. 

As part of our commitment to first responders, 20% of our scholarship fund is available for educating and placing first responders into the software engineering field. For every 10th student enrolled in a class we set aside a scholarship slot for a qualified applicant. These available scholarships provide 100% tuition coverage and job placement assistance post-graduation.

For eligible scholarship applicants that aren’t awarded a full scholarship, you are also eligible to receive a 10% discount off of the program of your choice.

Selection Criteria


Clear Communicators

The software engineering profession requires that one be able to communicate well with technical and non-technical people at a high level. We look for students who can clearly articulate who they are and why they are interested in applying for a scholarship to an Inventive University bootcamp.

Passionate Learners

With an ever changing technical landscape, the software engineering career path requires that one be constantly in a state of learning and education. We look for students who have a voracious appetite to learn and willingness to push themselves into the unknown.

Ambitious & Driven

In order to succeed in the competitive software engineering landscape, you’ll need to have ambition & drive. We look for students who set high goals for themselves and have the commitment necessary to see those goals come to fruition.


All scholarship applicants are required to submit a video between three and six minutes in length that highlights why they qualify for the scholarship.

You may learn more about requirements and deadlines for this scholarship here

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