If you’ve seen our tagline recently, you may have wondered “what on earth are they thinking?” It’s a good question – there’s a lot going on here!


It’s not our intention to shock or offend anyone, but we have to accept that it might. However, the words we use are important and have been carefully chosen.  I’ll explain.

The sentiment is easily understood – we focus on getting the job done, as quickly and effectively as possible.  Quick and effective means less of our Client’s money gets spent, 

Clients are happier, and, selfishly, we have a better chance to earn followup work.


So why not say “get the job done”? 


Because Get Shit Done expresses urgency and passion. It’s important to our Client, so we’re serious about it.  


Even after 3½ years, we still think of ourselves as a scrappy startup and are constantly improving everything.  Not just how we work on client projects, but how we onboard new team members, and how we keep our culture alive while working from home.


Continuous Improvement is part of Get Shit Done. 


There’s a hidden part to the message too. We’re open and transparent, and we communicate candidly.  Our clients often comment that they appreciate that.  If we screw up, we own it and tell you immediately. If your team is somehow blocking our progress, or asking for scope creep, or being unreasonable, we tell you that too. Immediately.  Let’s talk it through. 


Which is why it’s not Get $%*t Done. Or GSD. There’s no point in hiding behind a fake facade or sugar-coating it. 


Frankly, life is too short for anything else.