Every year it gets harder to compete with developers that are coming out of college because this new generation has grown up with computers all their lives. This means that you must change your value proposition in order to stay relevant. No longer can you solely depend on your coding acumen; your experience is valuable and will set you apart from a new coder who is half your cost.

Over the course of your career you have seen the right way and the wrong way of doing things, and you have learned from your mistakes. You know not every new tool is going to be right for your team. In order to leverage your value you must stay relevant by working on non-coding skills like project management and develop architectural and leadership skills that will set you apart.

People will tell you throughout your career that you’re great, whether it’s because you’re technically inclined, or they are trying to motivate you, and you’ll get bonuses and promotions. Don’t let the hype convince you that you don’t have to keep up. Something will eventually happen that pulls you back into reality, like getting laid off, a huge change in technology or reaching the top of your pay grade. To avoid getting into this situation, you should stay abreast of all the trends in the industry and periodically reevaluate your current position to determine whether it is still the right position for you now and in the future.

Mastering the skill of staying relevant is an iterative process and must be worked on continuously. Download the full book to read the entire chapter so you can continue to excel in your career.