Today I am super excited to welcome Greg Bryant to the team at Inventive.  Greg and I have worked together at a little startup (Marketvine) inside of a big company (Dell) where we worked on incubation projects for clients like Target, Sur La Table, and Dell).  Greg’s seniority in the engineering space brought with a wide range of skills that allowed him to be a huge asset to the team back then. I am excitedly looking forward to Greg bringing all of his experience to the teams here at Inventive, both on the enterprise services side and the tech product incubation side of the house.


Greg has been in software engineering since shortly after the birth of the silicon chip.  After graduating from Vanderbilt University’s Engineering school, he launched into a series of jobs covering large multi-platform database management systems, factory automation and robotic interfaces, to operating system and network driver development.  In 1992, he started his first company, which provided educational resources (curriculum development and instructors) for a variety of larger, much lazier companies. From there, he sojourned through the dark side of the computer industry, working in Product Marketing, managing Tivoli’s TME10 Framework and reporting product lines.  After several years there, he returned to the light, and bounced back and forth between managing development teams and actually doing development, including photographer workflow software, hearing aid controls, mobile apps, Big Data, and is currently CTO at Social Flash Media, which provides a social media marketing platform as a service.  


Social Flash Media is the source of the photo booth in the kitchen at Inventive Studios!


Outside of work, Greg has two horses, two cats, three boys, and one wife.  His wife is a psychiatric nurse practitioner, and there is no truth to the rumor that they met when Greg was an outpatient.  His boys are Keith (21) currently working on a Computer Engineering degree at A&M (and who interned with Inventive last summer), Kyle (23), currently working on his Master’s degree in Moscow, Russia, and Kevin (25), an opera singer currently employed by Tri-Cities Opera in Binghamton, New York.  


Greg has spent much of his life involved in music in various facets, from playing French Horn and other brass instruments in school to running a recording studio, singing with a Southern Gospel quartet, and never singing karaoke. Well, there was one time in Nashville, maybe, but that evening is kind of blurry he says.


On day one of joining Inventive Greg found his Bobble Head on his desk!  Odin…Thors father. We try to find a Bobble Head that closely matches the talents and descriptors of our new team members.


Then we took Greg out to his new hire lunch!  Kura Revolving Sushi. If you haven’t been to this place…go check it out.  We seem to go there quite a bit these days. Great place. Great food. And super quick to get in and out.     Welcome to the team Greg!