I like to think of myself as unique. So average just doesn’t sit well with me. While doing research on coding camps and who attends them, I found out that I attend them! I am the average.

The typical boot camp attendee is 29, has 6 years of work experience, has at least a bachelor’s degree, has never worked as a programmer but is currently working in the tech industry, and makes roughly $46,000. I am all of these, meaning I am freakishly average.

But when thinking about changing careers my first thought was “do a bootcamp and become a programmer!” I wanted a larger salary, I didn’t want to go back to school for 2+ years, and I wanted something new and challenging. Diving into a coding career is all of these!

Check out more stats on bootcamps! The 50% increase in salary sure looks enticing! In fact alumni of bootcamps report an average salary of $70,698. If you go into a bootcamp with previous programing experience you are more likely to see an even higher salary than that by about $7,000.

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