ProGrade Digital Sees Impressive Gains with SEO Investment

ProGrade Digital, an industry-renown photography and videography memory card and memory card reader manufacturer, approached Inventive to improve their SEO and organic search visibility. To boost their organic traffic and revenue, and improve their generic search footprint, Inventive developed a two-part organic strategy focusing on technical and on-page SEO.


Technical SEO

At the beginning of the engagement in November 2019, our SEO team audited the ProGrade Digital site and discovered a variety of technical issues that were interfering with the discoverability of the website. After tackling initial site redirects, we approached the ProGrade Digital team with a long-term plan to reduce duplication between a variety of similar pages.


Mini-Site Migration

This migration approach involved updating the navigation on both their root domain and eCommerce subdomain to more seamlessly integrate the product pages. We finished this migration with a full 301 redirect and canonical mapping plan to ensure that only the pages we planned on investing our time in were indexed.


Structured Data

As you’ll read below, we expanded the content on all of our primary pages. To give that content (and the existing pages) an extra organic boost, we added a variety of structured data. Structured data is a standard format – usually in JSON – that explains the contents of a page to Google and can often result in an expanded result known as a rich result. 


To help search engines better understand our product offerings – and to ensure our prices were listed as rich results in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) – we added Product Schema to all of our product pages. We also wrapped all of our FAQ content with FAQ Schema to gain FAQ rich results in the SERPs. 


Adding Structured Data – and gaining rich results – improves organic click-through-rates, giving sites a boost in their SEO traffic.


On-Page SEO

Prior to our SEO work with the company, ProGrade Digital was getting the bulk of their traffic from branded queries; this obviously limited organic traffic to any brand awareness ProGrade Digital had. To get the brand to its organic goals, improving its generic footprint was essential. 


Keyword & Content Optimizations

We started with thorough keyword research to ensure our pages were targeting the queries their target audience was searching for. By breaking down our keyword targets by each product we offer, we were able to encompass a wide range of both head terms and longtail queries. We were then able to use the keyword mapping document to optimize the page’s title tags, meta descriptions, and page content. 

We optimized each product page and the top blog posts with the appropriate target keywords; for many pages, we also suggested adding additional content and FAQs to help the site rank for a broader query set.


Improved Internal Linking

A large ranking signal to Google is site dwell time and one of the best ways to ensure your visitors stay on your site is with a robust navigation and internal linking structure. Not only did we improve the main navigation in our mini-migration, but as we went through our content optimizations we added strategic links to our blog posts and relevant product pages. 

Quality internal linking offers other SEO benefits as well:

  • It ensures Google can efficiently crawl your site
  • Relevant anchor text provides additional context to what that page is about
  • It improves user experience by providing an easy way for users to navigate your site



To help the ProGrade Digital team understand the impact of the work we’ve been doing, we created several key metric reporting documents. We report both on total site metrics and organic specific metrics on a weekly and monthly basis. This includes data from Google Analytics and Google Search Console, as well as keyword data from SEMrush. 


Our reports include traffic, transaction, and revenue numbers, as well as technical SEO specific metrics like crawl errors, structured data errors, and page speed. In addition to the custom reports, we’ve also created Funnel Visualization reports in Google Analytics and touchpoint reports in HotJar for the site’s top target pages, so we can better understand the visitors’ pain points. These reports continue to give us insight into the best actions we can take to not only improve the site’s SEO, but also improve overall site health.



Although our work with ProGrade Digital is still in progress – as SEO is a marathon and not a sprint – we’ve already seen outstanding results! 


  • Our monthly organic traffic has doubled since we started working with them at the beginning of 2020
  • Organic revenue has improved almost 2,000%
  • We have almost 1,000 more keywords ranking in the SERPs

To continue this success, we plan to continue our optimizations and will work closely with the ProGrade Digital team to support any new product launches and initiatives they undertake.