Inventive thanks all of the Veterans who have served our country. Thank you for putting your life on the line to keep our country safe. Inventive is a Veteran owned company and believes that veterans make some of the best employees.

Sadly many Americans have a different view of our veterans. Although we are all thankful for their service, 46% of Americans believe when they see a homeless man that he must be a veteran. Too often have veterans come home and struggled to adjust to civilian life or couldn’t find a job when they returned.

Tech is an excellent place for our veterans. The military, and being in combat, teaches one to be a goal setter, problem solver in high stress environments, diligent, and a dedicated team player. These traits translate well to becoming a software engineer, much like our colleague Sean. Watch his story here.

Sean was deployed with the Marines as a welder. Upon returning to civilian life, he pursued web design and photography.  He wanted to do more so he enrolled in Inventive Academy’s full stack software engineer boot camp. He graduated top of his class and upon graduation, accepted a position as a software engineer for Inventive.

Sean consistently went beyond the requirements of his role, exceeding expectations every time. He has a constant desire and aptitude to “always be learning” and is willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done right. He says he gained these skills from his experience in the military.

Inventive is a veteran owned company and believes in getting veterans back to work. The flexibility of location and hours, as well as their learned skills in the military make tech an excellent industry for veterans.

Inventive is currently working with Your6 to help veterans get back into the workforce and translate their skills from the military to skills in civilian life. We believe that tech can be one of those paths!

Are you a veteran looking for a new career? Check out our bootcamp to see if the tech industry is right for you!

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